As a young boy, Nagis experiences the insecurity, fear and loss that prevails throughout World War II as his family works unceasingly to survive the harsh conditions in their Greek village of Ratzakli.

Nagis is only five when Italy declares war against Greece.

It's not long before Nazi occupation begins, and his family is plunged into grief when his beloved younger brother, Athos, is tragically killed by a landmine.

However, his parents want Nagis to get an education. Against all odds, he finishes primary school and attends high school for two years in the Kefalonian capital, Argostoli.

Directly following World War II, Civil War breaks throughout Greece, leaving indelible scars on his heart and soul.

While he's away at school, his mother unexpectedly suffers kidney failure and, upon her death, he returns to the village to face a grim reality: his father is sailing the high seas while his elderly grandfather does what he can to raise his two grandsons. At this point Nagis is forced to make life-changing decisions.

This book provides an ethnographic description of life on the island. Through narration rich in dialogue, the reader watches as the trials and turmoil of daily life unfold.

Nagis is forced to grow up too soon in his war ravaged country. As a young boy his sense of family duty is strong, and he takes on increasingly greater responsibilities.


While his mind hungers for the knowledge he gains in each situation, his soul wanders freely and thirsts for life beyond the confines of village life.

His boundless affection for animals earns him the companionship and loyalty of his best friend, the family dog, Kanella. When he has time to play with his friends he does so with joy and passion. Nagis even allows Eros' arrow to pierce his heart.


He's a fighter who never loses faith despite the many disappointments and setbacks.


Above all, he never holds grudges, hatred or bitterness in his heart. He gazes at the future without fear and grabs life by the horns.


With his passion and compassion, life gracefully bows to his will and determination...


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