"As I sit quietly in the classroom I noticed the colored picture on the wall which was rare in those days. It showed the five races of the world. The images raise a lot of questions in my mind as I sit and ponder the five different types of people that the image shows.

                  How do the people of the world have all these colors?

                  And are they like us?

                  Do they resemble us in other respects?

                  Do they do what we do?

                  Why are American Indians red?

                  Why are Asians yellow?

                  What about the blacks?

                  How they look in the dark?

                  The tan-skinned… well, they look somewhat like us!


White people do not impress me much because I am obviously white like them. During the school year I spend many hours daydreaming about all these other types of people who I have never ever seen before in real life and I yearn for the day that I will be able to travel and see the world and maybe get to meet some of these people. Until then I am afraid I won’t be able to find the answers to my questions. "




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