Panagis Spiliotis was born on April 25, 1935, in Ratzakli, a small village near Skala, on the Greek island of Kefalonia. While in primary school during the difficult days of World War II, his teacher, Spyros Meletis who was persecuted by the Germans for his leftist convictions - instilled in him the love for knowledge.


Nagis, as he was called, finished primary school and was able to complete two years of high school, during civil war, in Argostoli.


At a young age, he lost his beloved mother while his father continued to sail the high seas.

He therefore quit school and returned to Ratzakli to help his elderly granfather and young brother Athos, who was just 18 months old. While still an adolescent, he decided to leave Kefalonia and go to Piraeus, where he hoped to find a job, particularly in shipping.

He became a photographer and worked as a chef's assistant at the famous club "Falirikon" in Tzitzifies area where he met all the big names of the Greek music industry in that era.


In April 1954, he sailed to the United States, where he has lived most of his life. Restless and driven by ambition, he tried his luck in various fields. Following his artistic inclination, he took courses to pursue a career as a film director and later produced and directed movies in Greece. He also wrote screenplays, some of which made it onto the big screen.


When he returned to America, he worked in the financial industry as a stock broker. With the collapse of the Stock Market in 1974, he opened his own insurance and brokerage firm with great success.


In 1996, he ventured into the hotel industry in Greece, associated with 9 Muses, while still retaining his business in the US.


Presently, in further pursuit of his artistic ambitions, he has returned to writing.


The book you hold in your hands, essentially an autobiography in his first attempt which has been translated from the original Greek edition.


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